Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oooh - another package :)

I got another package from Google today. Its a credit/debit card which is how we will receive payment for our work - they load the appropriate amount onto it from their side, and then we get to use it in shops that take master card etc. I think it looks quite snazzy :)

The name on the bottom of the card is GSOC 2008 STUDENT - I wonder if I will have any problem when trying to use it.

Still going through code, looking at how things have been done, trying to identify the best place to actually get started - I think probably implementing the MSN codec stuff would be a good place to start -> Just get the video "recording" and "playing" from / to files, and then across the network. I think there has been a fair amount of code done relating to this, so hopefully it will be a good place to get some progress going.

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