Thursday, June 5, 2008

Some code at last

I was a bit fuzzy on some of the details of my project, but feel that things are at last coming together in my head now. One of my misconceptions was that I was just coding a farsight2 plugin, rather than separating the signaling out into a pymsn component and a farsight 2 part.

This distinction gave me a much needed place to start coding, which I have enjoyed so far - mostly due to the excellent work done by the pymsn team. It does however mean that I need to improve my python - I have never written a program in python before, so I have a fair amount of things to learn. Enforced indention ? A bit different to my C syntax :). That said, I think I will have to be careful, I might get converted to python :)

It was a pleasure to read the API and get a simple program running. At the moment I have a client that logs into MSN and sets it's presence to "online" which means my other account can see this testing account.

Onward to the subclassing!

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